Forestry Development Centre (TAPIO) is a national expert and development organisation offering a wide range of professional forestry and environmental innovative practice-oriented development services.

TAPIO leads the VALERIE forestry case study in Finland.

TAPIO is a national non-profit governmental public organization established in 1907 and governed by national law (1995/1474). TAPIO employs some 60 experts at Headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and about 30 employees at its subsidiaries in publishing “Forest Magazine” and managing forest seed and plant production in Finland.

TAPIO offers training and information dissemination to forest owners, companies and professionals regarding efficient, profitable and sustainable forestry business and forest-based bioenergy operations.

For many years, TAPIO has promoted sustainable forest management, inventory and management planning, silviculture and forest improvement, forest operations auditing, environmental impact assessment, information dissemination and advisory services to forest owners, and applying new innovations and technologies in the forestry sector.

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