ACTA (Association de Coordination Technique Agricole) is network leader for animal and plant supply chains in France.

CETIOM is the French Technical Centre for Oilseed crops and industrial hemp, and a member of PROLEA, the French Oil and Proteins Chain.

ACTA and CETIOM lead the VALERIE case studies in France.

ACTA federates 14 technical agricultural institutes (ITA) representing the applied research level of the French agricultural research and development system. ACTA and the ITAs were created and are still directed by the farmers themselves. Their activities aim to improve farm competitiveness; the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production systems; and the quality and safety of products and processes from the farm to the consumer.

Each ITA is specialised in a limited number of production areas, whereas ACTA carries out research on cross cutting innovative themes such as integrated pest management. The institutes provide an interface between farmer needs and academic research.

CETIOM is involved in technology transfer and carrying out and coordinating applied research into oilseed crops and hemp. It is directly linked to farmers, industries and basic research institutes and is strongly linked to other similar institutes specialising in other arable crops.

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