European Forest Institute (EFI) conducts research and provides policy support on issues related to forests.

EFI leads the two VALERIE forestry case studies in Finland and Spain.

EFI is an international organization established by European States with currently app. 130 member organizations (both research organizations and end-users of research) in Europe and beyond.

Main research areas are (i) sustainability and climate change (ii) policy and governance, and (iii) foresight and information.

EFI Headquarters are in Joensuu, Finland with a Policy Support Office in Barcelona, Spain and five Regional Offices: EFIMED (Barcelona), EFIATLANTIC (Bordeaux, France), EFICEEC-EFISEE (Vienna, Austria and VaraĹždin, Croatia), EFINORD (Copenhagen, Denmark), and EFICENT-OEF (Freiburg, Germany and Nancy, France).

In recent years, EFI has carried out over 30 projects for the European Commission DGs on relevant forest issues at the European level.

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