EIMA International Mechanisation Fair
Bologna, Italy, 11th November 2016


The virtual adviser www.ask-valerie.eu was demonstrated by Italian VALERIE partners at the EIMA international mechanisation fair in Bologna, Italy on 11th November, 2016.

The workshop included a short presentation of the VALERIE project by Dario Sacco from the University of Torino, a demonstration of www.ask-valerie.eu by Luca Bechini from the University of Milano, illustration of activities in two case studies on tomato and potato crops (by Paolo Rendina from CadirLab and Harm Brinks from Delphy), and finally a round table with publishers of the most important Italian trade journals, and representatives from public administrations involved in rural development and dissemination of innovations in agriculture and forestry. About 50 people (farmers, advisors, and researchers) attended the workshop.


The feedback was very positive. The virtual adviser www.ask-valerie.eu raised a lot of interest and expectation and the public administrator could see great potential in the use of the tool among extension services, while editors saw it as a good way to promote knowledge of the innovations presented in their journals.