VALERIE Annual Meeting
Turin, Italy, 26-28th January 2016

The 2016 VALERIE annual meeting was hosted by the University of Turin, Italy over the 26th to 28th January. This followed a meeting of the VALERIE executive board on the 25th January.

The three day annual meeting brought together VALERIE partners from all six work packages to discuss progress to date, upcoming tasks and milestones and key decisions to be made. The latest version of the “” search and stakeholder engagement tool was demonstrated. This was followed by hands on use and feedback from the VALERIE team. The project focus in the first half of 2016 will be on refining the ‘structured vocabulary’ and producing the next version of “”.

Cadir-Lab hosted an informative field day showcasing two of the VALERIE case studies; ‘Improving Milling Wheat Quality’ and ‘Drip Irrigation Management in Tomatoes and Maize’. This included enlightening visits to VALERIE case study stakeholders; the Alessandria region’s largest tomato processing plant…




… and to the region’s biggest maize and wheat storage co-operative (Consorzio Agrario del Piemonte Orientale).


A warm welcome from the CEO of CADIR-Lab, Mr. Giuseppe Concaro, preceded demonstrations of the instrumentation used in the maize and tomato irrigation management case study and a visit round the laboratories.



The next VALERIE annual meeting will be held in Toulouse, France in January 2017.