Innovations identified, factsheets produced and ‘’ tested

VALERIE teams have been busy; the work on knowledge extraction and summarising has focused on the identification of more than 300 innovations and the development of a mini-fact sheet for each innovation. The first version of ‘’ has been completed and was tested in June, 2015.

VALERIE innovations and factsheets

An innovation is defined in VALERIE as a tool, a practice, or a piece of software that can solve a problem for a farmer or a forest manager. For each innovation, a mini-factsheet will be produced containing a short description of the innovation; useful information on the problems that the innovation aims to solve (the innovation challenge); a list of references; and a list of projects connected to the innovation.


VALERIE is developing an advanced search engine and repository of structured information that will interactively provide easy access to knowledge created in EU and other research projects for farmers, agricultural organisations and researchers. The search engine will be set up to help the user formulate his/her question and find useful information specific to their needs. This will be achieved through integrating a series of back-end services (auto-completion, sieving, ranking of results etc.) with a simple and attractive user interface, allowing the detailing of user profiles to optimise user query output.