Sustainable Forestry – biomass and energy from forest to wood ash
Helsinki, Finland, 10-12th June 2015

Eighteen months into the project, VALERIE partners met up in Helsinki on 10-12 June 2015 to discuss progress, compare notes and explore synergies on extracting knowledge, developing innovation through the VALERIE case studies and building the “” tool. It was also an opportunity to learn more about sustainable forestry in Finland and the case study on Sustainable Forest Biomass, based in Joenssu.

Saara Lijla-Rothsen organised an impressive tour of the Askola-Porvoo area, taking delegates through the wood production value chain from energy wood harvesting to a logistical centre for wood biomass at Askola and the Combined Heat and Power Plant at Porvoo.

Jukka-Pekka Luiro presented recommendations for energy wood production and use, and explained the transformations, processes, and sustainability considerations in the Finnish wood production value chain from forestry management to wood ash recycling, including energy wood logistics, wood chip processing and energy and heat production.