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This case study focuses on improving the economic and environmental performance of forestry in the Basque Region of Spain.

VALERIE themes covered: 
2. Eco-system and social services in agriculture and forestry ►
5. Integrated supply chain services and tools, innovative farm management ►

The Roncal Valley in the Basque Pyrenees is environmentally important due to a large, legally protected forested area. However, there are many different land holdings and owners, who manage their land on an individual basis without any co-ordinated effort to enhance (or maintain) biodiversity or reduce the environmental impact of forestry activities.

Location: Roncal Valley, Basque Pyrenees, north east Spain
Main land use: forestry
Stakeholders: landowners, government technical managers, regional authority, municipal government, researchers and forest engineers
Key issues:
o    How to improve forest management
o    How to improve the quality of forest products
o    Lack of knowledge about local forestry ecosystems and how they deliver public goods and services
o    The current threat from and treatment of disease in tree species
o    Forest fire prevention measures
o    Compatibility with other forest uses e.g. hunting, tourism

Case study updates:
• A kick off meeting was held in summer 2014 with a wide range of participants, who collectively formed the Roncal Valley Forestry Society in order to improve forest management.

• Details of the case study were included in an article written for the April 2015 issue of the EFIMED Network News and can be found here

• In late March 2015, a meeting was held with forest owners to identify challenges and innovations required in the establishment of a Forest Owners Group and in the development of a Joint Forest Management Plan. The results from a survey of forest owners was used to identify key topics and concerns. A further meeting was held in August 2015.

Field trials:
• Issue to be addressed in the field trials:
o    The development of a forest management plan

• Following a meeting with the forest owners of Roncal to identify their requirements, a comprehensive Management and Forest Estate Planning document will be drafted, providing guidance over the next ten years.

• LIDAR (a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analysing the reflected light) will be innovatively used in the preparation of the Forest Management Plan.

• The case study featured in an article written for the December 2015 issue of Navarraforestal: number 37 (in Spanish) and can be found here

• A stakeholder meeting was held on 15th January 2016. The details of which have recently been published as a news item on the EFIMED (Mediterranean Regional Office of the European Forest Institute) website

• Details from the case study have been posted on The Union of Foresters of Southern Europe (USSE) website: The latest case study and VALERIE news can be found here (in Spanish only). A VALERIE project summary can be found here (in English) and here (in Spanish).

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