The main aim of the VALERIE research project is to:
•    improve the accessibility and availability of new knowledge for innovation in agriculture and forestry
The ultimate goal is for a better flow of information to drive innovation in agriculture and forestry around six VALERIE themes.

The key VALERIE activities are:
•    Working with practitioners in 10 case studies to identify current challenges for sustainability in agriculture and forestry
•    Extraction of knowledge from European research projects to help meet these challenges
•    The development of the “” search engine to improve access to information and knowledge. 

The six key VALERIE themes are:

  1.  Crop rotation, soil cover management and integrated pest management
  2.  Eco-system and social services in agriculture and forestry
  3. The management of agricultural soils as integrated agro-ecological systems
  4.  Water management in agriculture 
  5. Integrated supply chain services and tools, innovative farm management
  6. Recycling and smart use of biomass and food waste, in particular waste generated during primary production

Better knowledge exchange methods will be investigated through 10 case studies that will work with practitioners to identify current issues within agriculture and forestry, capture this knowledge and use it to find out what is available from recent research outputs and wider practitioner experience to help address the identified challenges.

A key aim of VALERIE is to develop an advanced search engine and repository of structured information that will interactively provide information to farmers, agricultural organisations and researchers. It will do so by providing easy access to knowledge created in EU-research projects and other research. The “” search tool will allow users to retrieve relevant and useful information using all available and reliable sources. VALERIE will explore new methods to support question formulation (query articulation), to retrieve information and present meaningful answers. More info on information technology in VALERIE .