The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) is a UK registered Charitable Trust employing over 100 scientists in locations throughout the United Kingdom. The Trust owns a 300 ha Research Farm in the English Midlands, known as the Allerton Project ( where over a period of 20 years research on the interactions between modern productive agriculture and the environment have been researched, resulting in the production of over 200 published papers.

GWCT leads the two VALERIE case studies in the UK.

The Trust provides independent, science-based environmental and rural research for a diverse range of organisations in the private and public sectors throughout the UK. Much of the work focuses around farmland ecology, farming systems and biodiversity generally, but in the past decade research work has expanded substantially into soil cultivation, erosion and water quality research.

The Trust is involved in a number of participatory research programmes and is noted for its community engagement projects, within the farming sector and elsewhere.

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